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Sun's Fire Part 3 by MisterAibo

In tried singing this in-tune with the original song, but the choice of lyrics left an unsatisfying taste in my mouth. I don't want to ...


Botis by coolclaytony
Clan: Demon
Family: Reptile, Alien, Creepy
Length: 10ft
Weight: 30lbs

A bringer of peace and harmony, this serpentine monster seeks to reconcile friends and foes alike. It is often drawn to places of intense conflict. Botis' are known for their eerie smiles, though that's not their fault; their teeth are just too big. Many tamers who work in psychiatric or peace-keeping professions keep a botis disk on their person. It is said that their was once a giant Botis who descended from the sky and ended a 100 year feud between two warring villages.
Thank you for waiting for me add content. Even though I may not do so for quite some time. I just haven't drawn anything I think is worth digging the (good) scanner out the closet to show you yet.

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