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Sun's Fire Part 3 by MisterAibo

In tried singing this in-tune with the original song, but the choice of lyrics left an unsatisfying taste in my mouth. I don't want to ...


Bogleech Ponysona by coolclaytony
Bogleech Ponysona
Name: Bogleech
Race: Pony (Unicorn)
Mane/Tail: Moldy Black, Mane is thinning at the forehead and tail is poorly kept.
Coat: A pale yellow akin to dried out mustard. Noted at being dry, oily, and smelling of peanut-butter-cups and swamp-water.
Magic Aura: A smoggy green vapor that gives off a pleasing yet carrion-like odor.
Cutiemark: A house fly (Ideally a photo-realistic ink-drawing but what I do have is good as well)
Special Talent: A seemingly innate grasp of biology and ecology.
Pet: A disembodied human eyeball (eyelids and lashes included) named Eyevan.
Home: A cabin just outside Froggy Bottom Bog.

*Harmony Status*
Magic: 50%
Honesty: 99%
Generosity: 65%
Laughter: 87%
Kindness: 90%
Loyalty: 80%
Total Harmonium: 78.5%

Bogleech is a grim yet lovable unicorn with a crooked horn. He is known for wearing a fishing jacket (which I could not draw unfortunately) that uses to carry various small items. A born biologist not particularly comfortable in the faux nature that his pony kin have built, he built himself a home between Froggy-Bottom Bog and the Everfree Forest, one of the few places in Equestria where the ecosystem is self-sustaining. He spends mot of his day exploring these wilds to catalog and research the local flora and fauna, often brining the most intriguing specimens (usually arthropods) back to his cabin for research and for company. He claims to live with his marefriend but she's rarely ever seen and those that do meet her have difficulty recalling her appearance afterwards, all attempts to photograph her result in a blank white image.

Being a lover of strange fauna, Bogleech practices conjuration and summoning magic that he uses to create and call-forth various monsters for fun and profit. His beloved pet, Eyevan was obtained in this manner.

Of all the Mane 6, Bogleech has only ever interacted with Fluttershy, who comes to him often for advice on caring for unconventional animals. He is also a close acquaintance of Zecora though only by virtue of her being his only real "Neighbor".

A little something I've been wanting to do for a for a while now. I'm a real big fan of :iconscythemantis: who isn't the biggest supporter of the fandom, but his criticisms do embody social issues that are rampant in Brony communities, namely misogyny. (A word that should be impossible to associate with MLP yet somehow our fandom has accomplished this very thing. Bad form [all it may concern])
Botis by coolclaytony
Clan: Demon
Family: Reptile, Alien, Creepy
Length: 10ft
Weight: 30lbs

A bringer of peace and harmony, this serpentine monster seeks to reconcile friends and foes alike. It is often drawn to places of intense conflict. Botis' are known for their eerie smiles, though that's not their fault; their teeth are just too big. Many tamers who work in psychiatric or peace-keeping professions keep a botis disk on their person. It is said that their was once a giant Botis who descended from the sky and ended a 100 year feud between two warring villages.
Thank you for waiting for me add content. Even though I may not do so for quite some time. I just haven't drawn anything I think is worth digging the (good) scanner out the closet to show you yet.

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